PlayStation Experience Games for Me

Originally published on Trevor Trove on November 24, 2015

The PlayStation Experience is about a week and a half away and the excitement is rising. IGN released tickets to their December First Friday tour last night and I snatched one up before I even realized I would be landing as the tour started. Fortunately, I was able to switch to an earlier (and awesomely cheaper) flight.

While I imagine the panels and hanging out with friends will be a driving factor this year, I’m still looking forward to getting some hands on time with some games. The PlayStation Blog has a list of the games confirmed to be there and while I’m sure some unannounced surprises will also turn up, I’ll highlight some of the ones I’m excited for…

Alienation – By all accounts, the spiritual successor to Housemarque’s Dead Nation, I can’t wait to get some hands on time with this twin-stick shooter. And now that I’m always in the market for some couch co-op gaming with Cat, I’ll try and get a sense if this’ll be a good fit for us.

Amplitude – I’m not a huge music game guy but what I’ve seen of this one has me intrigued. And Catherine is actually way more into music than I am so this might be a game I scope out specifically for her to enjoy on those days when I’m at work and she’s lounging on the couch with Elphie.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate – I might try and spend a few minutes with this one. Unity burned me last year so I don’t have any desire to spend money on this one but…nah. I just talked myself out of this one actually. Nevermind.

Darkest Dungeon – RPG dungeon crawler roguelike that tackles the mental issues that people in RPG party’s would actually face has me interested.

Day of the Tentacle Remastered – I remember this one being announced during the Keynote last year and has been relatively quiet since (as Double Fine has understandably focused on Broken Age and the Grim Fandago Remaster). I’ll probably play this for a bit at a Vita station like I did Grim last year.

Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition – This is one of those games I would love to play if I were more of a PC gamer. But I’d need to invest in a better PC to really enjoy the games I’d want to play on PC. So I’m glad stuff like this eventually makes its way to console.

Drawn to Death – Loved the art style of this when it was revealed at last year’s PSX. I didn’t play it then but I might try and get in on a game with some of my friends at the event.

Far Cry Primal – Really interested in seeing what Far Cry without excessive weapons and outposts looks like…

Firewatch – Been interested in Firewatch since it was featured on IGN First.

Gang Beasts – Another game that looks like a perfect couch co-op game with Cat and our friends. Also another game that’d be fun to play with some Kinda Funny friends.

Just Cause 3 – Well I’m going to the Just Cause 3 after party so I might as well try out the game to see what all the game’s insanity is about.

Ratchet & Clank – I’ve never played a Ratchet & Clank game but I always remember wanting to get around to their crazy weapons. Sunset Overdrive definitely won me over in that regard.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League – Interest in pretty much any kind of PlayStation VR experience I can try out and this would definitely qualify.

Severed – Loved this Drinkbox Studios game at last year’s PSX. Been waiting for it all year since. Looking forward to seeing if it’s changed and if it might be coming out soon.

Star Wars Battlefront – Since I’m a predominantly a single-player guy, this one doesn’t have enough to merit me buying it, but I’ll happily play a round or two to get the Star Wars experience.

Tearaway Unfolded/The Tomorrow Children – Played both of these at the show last year. Neither really wowed me. Tearaway Unfolded was better on the Vita and Tomorrow Children just didn’t demo well because I didn’t know what the hell I was supposed to be doing.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (multiplayer) – I’ll give this a play if for no other reason than to identify if I’m going to want to try the Beta the following week.

So those are my cursory picks from the list. I’m unfamiliar with a lot of the other games on there so they might catch my eye on the show floor. It’s so close now.

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